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Did you find this website after seeing a post on Instagram? If so, check out the links below to find the topic you're interested in or browse through the website.

Do you want some ideas about television programs to watch to help you learn English? If so, click here.

Are you thinking of doing a Cambridge exam? Click here to find out about the courses we offer including First, Advanced, Proficiency and BEC and read our blog posts for exam tips.

Do you want to know how to talk about how long you have known somebody or how long you have been learning English? Click on this blog post to find out how we do this in English.

Click here to read about the hikes and bike rides I do in Switzerland and the places I visit. Each blog post has a language tips section so you can improve your English and discover new places to visit at the same time.

Do you want to know which resources I regularly recommend to my students. Click here to find out more.

Would you like some ideas about how you can support your child's learning? Click here to read a few tips.

Are you thinking of signing up for a course? Check out our courses page for more information or just send us an email.

Do you want to know which words are worth learning? Click here to find out about resources which provide information on the frequency of words.

Would you like to do our idioms quiz? If so, click here.

Are you looking for ideas about books to read? Click here for some ideas and send me an email if you want me to add your recommendations to the list. #englischlesen #kreis6english_bookclub

One of our main priorities is to teach the things that students want to learn as this keeps students motivated. Read about how we do this here. #kreis6english #englischkurs #züri #englisch #grammar #englischlernen

After watching today's reel you might have realised that we also teach German and maths! I'm certainly no German expert but a friend asked me to help her and I finally agreed. It's actually a great experience though as I am learning a huge amount about the similarities and differences between English and German. We also offer maths support as Nachhilfe and Gymivorbereitung. To find out more about these courses, click here. #kreis6english #gymivorbereitung

Today's post was all about pronunciation. This is a big topic for language learners. Click here to find a few tips and to test your pronunciation skills. #britishenglish #pronunciation

Do you want to know what you should do before signing up to do a Cambridge exam? If so, read here. #cambridgeadvanced #cambridgeenglish #cambridgeenglishexams #cambridgeproficiency #cambridgefirst

Dates and details of the books we are reading for book club can be found on the blog #bookclub

What do other customers think of our teachers? Our review page will tell you all you need to know. #kreis6english

Are you interested in Business English lessons? Read here to find out more. #businessenglish #englishonline #onlinelessons

Everyone loves talking! Find out more about the topics we discuss in conversation class by clicking here. #englishconversation

Do you want to find out more about our teachers? Click here. #kreis6english

Perhaps you want to discover more about Bob Ross? We discussed his television painting classes quite a while ago in the advanced conversation classes after watching this video on YouTube. Are you the type of person who likes to learn independently or do you like having a teacher? Do you agree with Bob that there are 'no mistakes, just happy accidents'? If you were an artist, what types of picture would you create? These are they types of questions we talk about in the conversation classes. Open-ended questions that get the conversation flowing and questions that help you to practice some of the more difficult grammar structures such as the second conditional (if you were an artist...). If you want to talk about a wide range of topics with a group of motivated students, then contact us to arrange a trial lesson. There are a few spaces left in the Wednesday morning conversation classes.

Alternatively, you can just browse the whole website, perhaps starting with the blog or with details of the courses we offer.


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