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My students

The people who study with me are motivated learners at B1 level or above. They want to learn English for a variety of reasons. Some use English in their jobs, others travel widely and use English to chat to fellow travellers and some are interested in English culture. They all want to keep their brains active, make real progress and enjoy the experience of learning.

A few of the students I teach unfortunately had bad experiences learning English in the past. Teachers told them that they weren't good at languages and never would be. I like to help them change their beliefs about their skills as a language learner. It's true that it takes a lot of hard work to become fluent but that work can also be hugely enjoyable and rewarding and is much easier with a teacher encouraging you.

My school

The school I founded is called Kreis 6 English and is named after the area of Zurich where I live. When I set up the school I wanted to offer English lessons to people who lived locally so chose a name to reflect this.


It's true that lots of my students do live nearby but over time students from other parts of Switzerland have joined my online classes.

What do your customers say ?

"Die Lektionen sind kurzweilig und amüsant"

"This is why I love the lessons. Every time I come to class I learn something new."

"Highly recommended"

"She didn't use to like English lessons but now she does"

What are the benefits of a local language school?

Small language schools can offer varied lessons tailored to each individual student. If you choose Kreis 6 English, this is what you can expect.

  • No surprises – you'll know who your teacher is before you start the course

  • If you join one of my group classes, you'll have the opportunity to meet other interesting learners

  • You'll get notes after each lesson to help you remember what you have learned

  • You won't be forced to use a course book that you don't like

  • You'll get to talk about topics that are relevant to you

About me

My name is Adrienne but most people call me Adi. I was born and raised near Manchester and studied politics at Leeds University. After that I worked in the accountancy profession in England before moving to Zurich. I loved my accountancy colleagues but I didn't really love the work so after the move to Zurich I decided to find a job where I could spend time working with people.

I come from a family of teachers so I decided to follow the family tradition. I re-trained to be an English teacher, first getting a CELTA certificate then adding to it with a Master's in Applied Linguistics from the University of Birmingham. Doing the Master's was such a lot of hard work but incredibly rewarding. The master's included content on second language acquisition, teaching grammar, how to learn vocabulary and so much more and has proved to be really useful in my teaching career.

I have been teaching English for more than 10 years and have extensive experience with popular conversation classes across a range of levels (from B1 to C2), teaching grammar  –which I love – and preparation for the Cambridge First, Advanced and Proficiency exams.

If you want to find out more about me and the way I teach, simply ask for a trial lesson. I'm looking forward to meeting you!


About the website

All the information you need is somewhere on the website but it might be tricky to find it.  Prices are shown on the homepage and there are other pages showing details of courses, links to useful resources and much more. If you need to know what we're reading in book club at the moment of you want to find out about the current conversation class topics, you'll need to check out the blog. Maybe you want some tips about grammar and vocabulary or you are thinking about doing a Cambridge exam. If so, the blog is the place to go.


Finally, if you need a bit of help finding your way around, check out the link below.

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