Our philosophy

We are a small language school that cares about each individual student. In a relaxed but professional environment, students learn quickly by talking about topics that are relevant to them.

✔️ Interesting and varied lessons

✔️ Regular and helpful feedback

✔️ Relaxed learning environment

✔️ Clear explanations that are easy to remember

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Our teachers



Born and raised near Manchester, Adrienne studied politics at Leeds University. After working for many years as a chartered accountant at Ernst & Young, she decided to change to a people-focused career and qualified as an English teacher in 2013.

Adrienne loves language and wants to share this passion with you through her friendly but professional approach to teaching. Adults and children both feel at home in her lessons and often find themselves laughing as they learn.

Adrienne is a CELTA-certified teacher, has taught maths to children for several years, and has recently completed her studies for a masters degree in Applied Linguistics.


Peter is from Worcestershire, home of the famous sauce. In addition to teaching, he is our writing expert and can proofread your documents, create text for your website, or help you to express your ideas. He has worked as a research scientist, a computer systems designer, and as a professional writer.

Conversation classes with Peter are fun, and students appreciate his knowledge of sport, music, and how English is used in the real world. You are sure to learn some useful new vocabulary if you join one of his classes.