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Kreis 6 English

All you need to know before you schedule a lesson

  • Are group English lessons for me?
    Group lessons are a great way to learn a language. They tend to be lots of fun which helps students to stay motivated. By keeping the group sizes small, we ensure that all students get plenty of opportunity to ask about the topics they are interested in. Group lessons are either 60 or 90 minutes.
  • Are private lessons for me?
    Some students are worried about practising their English in front of other people and prefer to have an individual lesson. An additional benefit is that we can adapt the lessons to match the student's needs and schedule. Private lessons are typically 60 minutes.
  • Do you prepare students for Cambridge English exams?
    Yes, our exam-preparation courses help students to feel confident when doing a Cambridge exam.
  • Do you teach online?
    We are based in Kreis 6, Zurich and offer in-person lessons in the local area. In addition, our teachers can come to you at your home address or work offices. Online lessons are also offered for both group and individual lessons.
  • How do I find a good teacher?
    Learning a language can take some time so it's definitely worth finding the right teacher for you. Ask friends or colleagues for recommendations and if you find a class that you are interested in, ask if you can have a trial lesson. If you would like to start lessons with Kreis 6 English, then give us a call or send an email via the contacts page.
  • Which course should I do?
    Conversation courses are great if you want to improve your fluency. They will help you to become more confident when speaking English. If you want to improve your all-round skills and grammar, a general English course with a text book may be more appropriate. Finally, an exam preparation course is ideal if you want to demonstrate your level in English on your CV. Call us to discuss the course that is best for you.
  • What can I do to improve my English?
    Lessons are a great way of improving your English. A good teacher will be able to motivate you and will help you to focus on the areas that you really need. However, you can also continue your studying at home by doing some of the following activities: Reading English language books - choose books that you are interested in and are appropriate for your level Watching English language television and films Following language teachers on social media, such as BBC Learning English Listening to podcasts Watching TED talks (transcripts and subtitles are available) Using language learning apps such as Quizlet, Duolingo or Babbel
  • Can I have a trial lesson?
    Yes, we encourage new customers to try one of our group lessons. That way, you will meet the teacher and get an idea about whether you like their teaching style.

Ready to start learning English?

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