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My top 5 website recommendations

There are lots of useful websites which will help you when you are learning English. Here is a list of the websites that I use most often.

1. Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

I had to start with a dictionary as I use mine almost every lesson. I have the CALD as an app on my phone but you can also access it via the website. Other dictionaries are also available but try to use one with English definitions and explanations, don't just rely on translating words from your first language.

2. Deepl

If you want a quick translator then Deepl is great. You can translate words or whole sentences.

3. Skell

Do you want to see more sentences using the word that you are interested in? Check out Skell.

4. The Guardian

I encourage my students to read in English. I read The Guardian every day so that's the newspaper I suggest but of course other newspapers are available!

5. BBC Learning English

There are fantastic resources available via the BBC such as 6 minute English. I've also enjoyed watching these videos on pronunciation. You can follow BBC Learning English via social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram or you can just check out the website.

Of course there are lots more useful websites such as British Council, Future Learn, Quizlet, Kahoot, Sporcle and Mentimeter. Many publishers also have websites with additional resources. Check out your course book to find out how to access additional online support.

If you are interested in doing an exam in English, the Cambridge English website is a great starting point. Alternatively, you might want to do an IELTS exam and can find out more here.

To find out about other resources I recommend, click here or come to a lesson where I will be able to make recommendations specific to your interests.


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