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What my customers say

"Thanks a lot for all your explanations and follow ups. They are very helpful and I greatly appreciate your efforts. I enjoy  your lessons very much they are so refreshing and interesting."


"It's Adrienne's humorous personality, creativity and extremely child-friendly manner which make the lessons so interesting and enjoyable.  Our son is improving not only his English skills but also his knowledge about the world and is having fun at the same time.


Thank you!"

"Adrienne is such a joyful and friendly person. I am usually not the biggest fan of online lessons but the classes over zoom were really fun and I learnt a lot.


Thank you for your amazing tips and support! "


"Many thanks Adrienne…enjoying the lessons with you a lot!"

Gabriela H

“I enjoyed your class very much and learned a lot. I really get faster into the language when I change from German to English, that feels great!”



"This is why I love the lessons. Every time I come to class I learn something new."

Gaby M

"Frau Hughes hat grossen Anteil daran, dass mein Sohn die Gymiprüfung 2019 bestanden hat!"


"Adrienne ist eine tolle Lehrerin, sie schafft es mit ihren spannenden Themen die Kommunikation interessant zu gestalten. Die Lektionen sind kurzweilig und amüsant."


"Bereits nach der ersten Lektion hat er stolz mit bestem britischen Akzent das Gelernte präsentiert und nach einem Jahr ist ihm die englische Sprache sehr vertraut geworden. Er geht sehr gerne zum Englischunterricht."

"Adrienne zeichnet sich als erfahrene Englishlehrerin aus.  Ihre Freude am Unterrichten ist spürbar und macht jedem Schüler das Lernen leicht."


"Today I got the result of the English exam. And I can hardly believe it, but I got a 6 and had maximum points in the speaking part. Thank you again for your great help. It wouldn't have been possible without you." 



"Lessons with Adrienne are like a trip to England once every week………..I really enjoy them!
I hope I can have a lot more!"


Speech Marks-01.png
Speech Marks-02.png

"I took both private and group English classes with Adrienne at the B2-C1 level, focusing on speaking and grammar. What I appreciate is the way she prepares interesting articles and TED Talks for us to discuss. Also, I love her classes because Adrienne provides feedback on how to improve. She's an excellent listener and communicator. Highly recommended for anyone looking to enhance their English skills."


"Liebe Adi, weisst du was ich an deinem Newsletter/deiner Webseite besonders mag? Ich erhalte immer hilfreiche und interessante Informationen betreffend englischer Grammatik, ohne dabei das Gefühl zu haben, Hausaufgaben erledigen zu müssen. Echt cool, vielen Dank!"



"I’m sitting at Dublin airport waiting for boarding and I think it’s the right moment to thank you very much for what you taught me.

In these last couple of days, here in Ireland, for the first time in my life I felt free to talk to everybody and I was able to understand Irish English!
That feels good!  So thank you."


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