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Small, professional and engaging

I was recently asked by marketing expert, Maryia Ramanava, to describe my brand in just three words! It’s certainly not easy but I finally opted for small, professional and engaging. Let me tell you very briefly why I chose these words to describe Kreis 6 English.


I’m proud to be the founder of a small, independent language school. I do almost all of the teaching so if you come to lessons with Kreis 6 English, you will probably have me as your teacher. Moreover, all group classes apart from the book club are capped at a maximum of six students. Many other lessons are provided on a one-to-one basis.


I have a Masters in Applied Linguistics and am a CELTA qualified teacher. In addition, I enjoy doing continuing professional education on a regular basis, ensuring that I keep up to date with innovations in education. The lessons contain many tips both about the English language and how you can learn it.

The website is regularly updated with lesson plans, schedules, homework ideas, useful resources and more so that students can find what they need.


The lessons are challenging and enjoyable, helping students to stay motivated and make good progress. Check out the reviews about Kreis 6 English to find out what my students think.

If this sounds like the type of language school that you have been looking for, get in touch soon.


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