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Why sign up for English lessons?

Especially when there is so much free material online?

Let me try to answer this by talking about my experiences learning German and going back to piano lessons as an adult. After that I’ll tell you about the lessons I offer.

Faster progress

Over the years, I've been to many German classes. When I went to them I made much faster progress than when I studied alone. The teacher pointed out the things that I needed to focus on, pushed me to work harder, recommended books and podcasts relevant to my interests and much more.

Useful tips

Similarly, my brilliant piano teacher, Helen Quayle, really challenges me in the lessons. She highlights the things I’m doing wrong (it’s mostly the rhythm and the dynamics) and then gives me tips about how I can improve them. Each lesson she brings some new music for me to try and we’ve been playing duets together so that helps me to play music with other people.

It’s not only her practical tips which I appreciate, but also the way she boosts my confidence. It was Helen who persuaded me to perform in front of friends. At first I was terrified about the prospect of doing this, but she’s made me realise that it’s a good thing to do and that if I send my friends a recording of what we’ve done in class, they will all be really supportive and encouraging.

Turning now to the way I teach. If you come to an #English class at #Kreis6English, I will:

tell you what you are doing well

highlight the areas where you can improve

give you recommendations about books and podcasts relevant to your interests

explain #grammar in a clear and simple way

provide interesting topics in class to keep you #motivated

If you come to a group class, you’ll also get to meet some great people and maybe a classmate's dog.

Advantages of a small language school

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably thinking about trying English lessons. That's great! Maybe you're a bit worried about signing up, committing to a long course of English lessons. Don't worry though, we don't ask our students to do that. Our terms are short (typically about eight or nine weeks) and our class sizes small. We want all our students to enjoy the lessons and to find them useful. Are you interested? Just contact us and ask for a trial lesson.

We offer:

1:1 lessons

Group conversation classes

Preparation classes for Cambridge exams

Business English

English for kids and teens


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