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Updated: Jan 19

At the start of 2023 I launched my Kreis 6 English newsletter. It's going to include grammar tips, book and film recommendations, explanations about learning languages and much more.

The aim is to motivate English learners to practice their language skills on a regular basis. I'll also be mentioning the best tips that I share with my students.

I know that people are busy which is why each issue will be kept short. It should be possible to read the newsletter in less than ten minutes although clicking on the links to the website might take a bit longer.

Who is it for?

Anyone can sign up to receive the newsletter. It's mostly aimed at English learners but English teachers might also find some of the tips useful. In addition, people who have been speaking English their whole lives might also enjoy learning about the grammar of their first language, discover useful resources and pick up some great book and film recommendations.

  • Want to learn more about English?

  • Want to stay motivated?

  • Want to find out about new courses?

Simply sign up on the homepage to receive the newsletter direct to your inbox.

Still not sure? Click below to read some recent back editions then subscribe here if you don't want to miss a future issue.


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