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English conversation and grammar

I've had a great start to the semester with more students joining the group classes I offer. The groups are small, typically 3 - 5 students, meaning that everyone gets a chance to participate. The following courses have space for new members.

Ongoing Courses

C1/C2 conversation - Wednesdays 9:45 - 11.15am via Zoom

An inspiring and fun class for advanced learners who want to improve their grammar and become more confident when speaking. Just one space available.

B1 General English - Fridays 2:20pm - in person

Want to improve your grammar and vocabulary and feel more confident? In this class we will be working from a grammar and vocabulary course book and will be doing lots of speaking. It's a great class for anyone who wants to refresh their English skills.

Starting soon

B1/B2 Conversation and grammar - Wednesdays 8am via Zoom

Do you want to feel more confident using English? Join us for this group conversation class via Zoom. We'll work one of my favourite course books and there'll be preparation before each lesson (read an article or watch a video).

Cambridge Advanced (CAE) - Fridays 3:30pm - Kreis 6, Zürich

I'm also planning an exam preparation class for people who want to pass the Cambridge Advanced exam. We'll be working with a grammar and vocabulary book and doing lots of past papers. There'll be regular homework so that you can gain the maximum benefit from the course. Contact me soon to sign up.

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