English conversation class - Wednesday 9:15

This class is for advanced and proficient students (level C1 to C2) and is offered online. Here are the topics we will discuss.

August to December 2022




24 August

Raising teens article.

58 - 59

31 August

Interesting article about men's groups.

62 - 63

7 September

Things to do by the time you are 47 (or not!). Click here.

64 - 65

14 September

Let's do this article suggested by Sandra about Instagram.

66 - 67

21 September

A scientific study about the benefits of sitting still. Here it is.


28 September

A challenge for us to take part in - rejection therapy! Read more about it here.


5 October

Isabelle has asked for some politics so I'd like you to read one or both of these articles. Click here and here. Actually - it's a bit more economics but obviously linked to politics.


Which topic shall we discuss next? Click on this link to get some ideas about future topics or send me your own suggestions.

Previous topics

13 July - final lesson of the semester, let's do something easy. Read this article about sisters Nicola and Frankie Roberts and count how many times the word 'would' is used to talk about past habits.

6 July - we'll discuss the George Orwell article and whatever else takes your fancy!

29 June - it was such a great lesson today, very much student-led in terms of learning tips and conversation topics. Well done to all of you! Next week we'll continue our discussion about climate change after reading the book review of George Monbiot's book. Today's chat is in the Google doc, make sure you look at it again.

22 June - some press releases from Tesco. Focus on which words are used to talk about the future. See the box below for the two articles.

15 June - Another TED talk, this time by a 7-year-old. Here's the link.

8 June - I'll be teaching you from England this week. The topic is a fascinating article by photographer Daniel Meadows about a photograph he took in Salford in the 1970s. Although I tell people that I used to live in Manchester, technically I lived in the bordering city of Salford. I'll be able to tell you more about Salford in the lesson.

1 June - Let's discuss the Ask Philippa article. If you have time, read the other article about muting friends on social media.

25 May - Let's talk about the dangers of being overreliant on a mobile phone.

18 May - a Zoom lesson again. Please watch this video about public speaking. As you are watching, think about what the speaker does well. As extra homework, check out the definitions of some of the words we discussed in the 11 May lesson. Words and phrases such as breathtaking, inductive and deductive, shade and shadow, satisfactory and satisfying, vice squad, remark and much.

11 May - an interesting article from one of my other classes. This time it was one of the students who found the article. Can you also choose three things you learned in today's lesson that you can present to your classmates next week. We'll meet in person at my house rather than the usual Zoom lesson.

4 May - looking forward to seeing you all again. We're going to start with a bit of revision. Let's re-read one of the longer articles from last semester and continue our discussion about the topics raised in it. Are our attention spans being stolen and if so, what can we do about it? Before reading the article see how much you can remember from it. I can recall the I-pads at Graceland and I also remember the author's important conclusion.

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