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Updated: Oct 4

August to October 2021

Here is our topic for next week's lesson.

1 November - at the last lesson we were talking about the times when people came up with their best ideas. Is it when they are young and unconstrained by convention or when they are older and wiser? That reminded me of this fairly long interview with clinical psychologist, Richard Bentall. Please read it before the lesson, paying attention to the medical terminology used.

Previous topics

4 October - a slightly funny article this time, or at least I thought so. Read up about the plans to change an iconic image and how the original designer reacts. Pay attention to the language he uses and consider whether he prepared his comments in advance.

20 September - a spot of revision. We did this topic last semester but I'd like to do it again as we have a new student. Let's talk about small talk, answering emails, dealing with phone calls and similar. Watch this video from the British Council before the lesson - it's at a fairly basic level but should give you some ideas about how you can keep a conversation going. If we get through the topic quickly, we can move on to some grammar. with the Destination book.

6 September - time for something musical! Read this obituary of The Rolling Stones' drummer, Charlie Watts. We'll talk about rock and roll, jazz, working with Mick Jagger and much more.

Monday 23rd August - let's start by talking about the Olympics. Watch this video about high jumper, Dick Fosbury who used his engineering know-how to develop a revolutionary and successful approach to the high jump. We'll talk about sport, the Olympics and the benefits of doing things differently.

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