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Using to + 'ing

You're probably used to seeing the word to followed by an infinitive form but did you know that it can also be followed by an 'ing form?

The word 'to' is sometimes (not always) an infinitive marker. Here are some sentences where it is used in this way.

  • I want to go home.

  • We decided to take the train to Wengen.

  • He arranged to meet me at the fountain.

Most of the time that the word 'to' is followed by a verb, the verb takes the infinitive form.

However, occasionally, the word 'to' is followed by an 'ing form.

Here are some examples:

  1. I am looking forward to seeing you.

  2. Have you got used to working from home?

  3. She objected to having to pay for the terrible meal.

Luckily, this pattern isn't so frequent. It's definitely worth learning examples 1 and 2 as they crop up quite often.

If you want more help with this topic, why don't you try a few lessons with me?

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