The 'ing form

Sometimes words are changed by adding an 'ing ending. We use this 'ing form in English very often. Here are some of the times that we use it:

In continuous forms

  • He's watching television.

  • She has been reading her book all day.

After some verbs

  • I enjoy skiing.

  • Can you imagine living in a different country?

At the start of a sentence

  • Skiing is fun.

  • Describing herself as ....

As an adjective

  • Football is boring.

  • This is an interesting book.

After prepositions

  • She crossed the road without looking.

  • He is very good at playing the piano.

Next time you read an article, try to highlight the different #'ingform forms. This might help you to improve your #grammar so that you can use language more effectively.

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