Conversation class - possible topics

I come across lots of articles, videos and podcasts that I think would be interesting for some of you. If you want to discuss the text in conversation class then let me know and I will add it to the schedule.

Here's the list of possible topics:

Let's start with a series of videos about linguistics available on YouTube by archaeology student, Simon Roper. This is the first one I came across but I'm sure you'll find lots of them interesting - particularly as he spends a lot of time explaining the northern accent (an accent you're all slightly familiar with 😉).

This is an intriguing article about two people who disappeared in the Australian outback.

I'm no fan of boxing but think there would be plenty to talk about based on this obituary of 'Marvelous' Marvin Hagler.

I loved the book 'One Day' by David Nicholls, I'm sure that you can remember the orange and white cover. In this article, the author explains the inspiration behind the story and reminds us that good ideas can take a long time to germinate.

Fame and addiction are the themes of this interview with former Wet Wet Wet singer, Marti Pellow.

If you are looking for ideas about which reality television programmes you should watch and like a bit of a love story then try this article from The Guardian about people who found love on dating shows.

Loneliness is something that affects many people but who does it affect the most - young people or the older generation? There isn't a definitive answer to this question in this thought-provoking article but it is something that we can discuss in conversation class.

Do you have too many kitchen gadgets? Which could you get rid of and which are essential? Do you agree with the analysis in this article and in the comments below?

From architecture you could head to the issue of housing. This article on gentrification will give you an insight into housing issues and potential solutions.

Perhaps you were in one of the classes where we discussed the re-introduction of red kites in England. It seems that the success of this scheme has not been without some downsides. Picnickers from some well-off areas in London are having their food stolen by the birds. This is a slightly tongue-in-cheek article worth a read.

There are always some interesting articles about television. Let me know if you want to know why Germans love crime series set in the South West of England or why Brexit might affect British TV shown in Europe.

Finally, following our recent discussions about updating our CVs, here is some great advice about writing an effective LinkedIn profile.

As you all know, I get a lot of my articles from The Guardian. The articles are available for free but you can take out a subscription if you want to support journalism.

Bonus points for anyone who finds an article or podcast to discuss in class!

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