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Holiday homework

It's the summer holidays. Time to relax, unwind and continue practicing your English! If you want to do some studying in the holidays it is a good idea to keep it fun.

Here are some suggestions about things to do in the holidays.

  • Read an English novel. Click here for some suggested titles.

  • Re-read the articles from conversation class.

  • Find some articles that you want to discuss in next semester's conversation classes.

  • Find a new television series to watch. There are some ideas here.

  • Play games - Dobble, Pictionary, Articulate for Kids and the English equivalent of 'Stadt, Land, Fluss' are all entertaining ways of practising English with your family and friends.

  • Improve your grammar by reading some of the blog posts.

  • Sing along to your favourite English songs.

  • Learn a few idioms by clicking here or here.

Enjoy the break and see you all again soon!



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