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Monday 9:45 conversation class

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

February to April 2021

Here is our topic for next week's lesson.

19 April - it's the final lesson of the semester so we'll have a fun lesson with questions based on our recent topics and will chat about our plans for the spring holidays.

Do you want to read about some grammar topics? Click here and here for a bit of revision! To practice some of our recent idioms, click here.

Previous topics

12 April - time for another 6 minute English, this time about the origins of the English language. Listen to the podcast before the lesson. If you have time, you can listen to the full podcast upon which this episode of 6 minute English is based.

29 March - please read this article about actor, Christopher Lloyd who starred in the Back to the Future Films. It's quite a long article so feel free to get some help from Deepl. Please make sure to read the final six paragraphs, starting with the words "I've been watching a lot of ..... lately", paying attention to the shifts in the time being talked about (past, present and future).

22 March - we're going to talk about learning languages and doing things for the 'sheer enjoyment'. Listen to this 6-minute English podcast before the lesson. See you on Monday!

15 March - Let's continue to talk about speaking skills. Watch this video from British Council about words and phrases that are useful in keeping a conversation going. If you've got time you can also do the worksheet that is included on the website.

Don't forget to read some of the other blog posts. Click here to find out more about the excellent Skell search engine which is brilliant if you want to know how words are used. If you want to find out a bit more about spelling, click here.

8 March - we're going to talk about speaking skills in class. Please read this article in The Guardian from journalist and television presenter, Adrian Chiles, who argues that nobody should talk for more than a minute at a time!! We'll talk about whether this is a useful rule of thumb and will talk about the differences between spoken and written language. The article is quite a challenge so feel free to get some help from Deepl.

1 March - This week we're going to learn about pronunciation in spoken language. I'd like you to watch two excellent videos from BBC Learning English. The first video is about the schwa sound in English - this sound is used so much, it has its own name. The second video is a summary of lots of pronunciation tips. If you have time you can also watch some of the other videos in the series.

Click here to see the topics we talked about last semester.

Have a look at some recent blog posts if you want to practice your grammar and vocabulary.

Conversation classes can be joined at any time. If you would like to try one of these popular and fun classes fill in the contact form or send an email to


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