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Monday 9:45 conversation class

Here is our topic for next week's lesson.

8 February - This week we'll talk about making complaints. We'll find out who is good at making complaints and which people avoid making complaints at all costs. Please listen to this podcast from 6-minute English to help you prepare for the lesson. As usual, I will prepare some questions for you to discuss but it would be great practice for you to think about the questions that you want to ask. Try to write at least three questions on the theme of complaints that you want to discuss in the lesson.

Previous topics

1 February 2021 - This week we'll talk about art. I'd like you to watch this lovely video about street art. Some of you have already seen it before but it's such a good video that it is worth watching again. If you have time and want to watch something else, I suggest you watch this TED talk by Ralph Ammer about how drawing helps us to think. Remember to activate the subtitles if you need them.

25 January 2021 - We decided that we would talk about metaphors in this lesson. Watch this short video from the BBC Ideas series to find out more about what metaphors are and why they matter.

18 January 2021 - Read this article about actress Olivia Coleman. In class we're going to focus on the 'ing form. Highlight all the 'ing forms in the text while you are reading it and try to work out why they have been used. If you want some clues about when we use the 'ing form, click here.

11 January 2021 - We're going to talk about lemmings and the Norwegian lemming, in particular. Read this article from The Guardian and watch the video about the big cat being terrorised by the tiny lemming.

4 January - Let's start the new year with an episode of 6-minute English. Listen to the podcast and think about why so many people prefer to text rather than talk. If you have time, you can also listen to the original episode of The Why Factor on which this podcast is based.

The conversation classes can be joined at any time. If you would like to try one of the classes fill in the contact form or send an email to


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