Monday 8:15 conversation class

Updated: Aug 15

May to July 2021

Here is our topic for next week's lesson. Monday 5th July - let's talk about small talk, answering emails, dealing with phone calls and similar. Watch this video from the British Council before the lesson - it's at a fairly basic level but should give you some ideas about how you can keep a conversation going. If you want to do some extra homework, I suggest listening again to the 'Why do we Text not Talk' podcast that we did last year as it is also relevant to this week's theme.

Previous topics

Monday 15th June - In this slightly worrying article we learn that many British people don't know the biology of their own bodies. If a person doesn't know the names of the different parts of the body, how can they describe a problem to their doctor? Are you comfortable using the medical names or do you avoid using them? Let's talk about this!

Monday 1st June - in this week's lesson we talked about gentrification. Here is an article about the topic that we will discuss next week. The vocabulary is challenging so don't worry if you don't understand all of it.

Monday 17th May - You can choose a topic from one of the other classes. Click here or here to find some different topics to talk about. Cool! You've chosen the article about the 3D house. Looking forward to talking about this.

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