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Business English at RMIT

Updated: 7 hours ago

Check this post to find out course dates, homework and language learning tips. Lessons are at 8:30am on Tuesdays.

We've decided to work with Business Grammar Builder (BSB) by Paul Emmerson.

Useful resources

These include:

  • A good English language dictionary app such as the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

  • Skell a corpus language tool - so you can find out how words are used in real life.

  • A good translation tool such as Deepl

  • BBC Learning English - follow on Facebook, Instagram or use the website

  • British Council - useful for grammar explanations

If you have time, it's also a good idea to start reading some of my blog posts on grammar, useful resources and learning tips.

Lesson 5 - 28 March

We'll do unit 5 in the lesson.

Lesson 4 - 21 March

Try to finish unit 3 of BSB before the lesson. We'll look at unit 4 in the lesson.

Today we talked about pronunciation of words such as debt, talk, register and Lisbon. We also looked at past perfect, used to and would.

Read this blog post here to find out more about past habit would, including the link to the article I mentioned.

Lesson 3 - 14 March

We've decided to work with Business Grammar Builder by Paul Emmerson. Please try to buy a copy before next week's lesson. In today's lesson we learned vocabulary such as stocks and shares and rallied. We also practised past simple and past continuous.

We looked at the different ways -ed can by pronounced (compare turned, wanted and talked).

Lesson 2 - 7 March

We'll work from Business Grammar Builder. We talked about state verbs, simple and continuing forms (sometimes both are ok), pronunciation and word stress (deVELop). If you have time, finish the unit we worked on today.

Lesson 1 - 28 February

We introduced ourselves and started with unit 1 (present tenses) in Destination B2. Next week we'll try a business English book and then you can decide which you prefer. Homework - if you have time, try to finish pages 8 and 9 in Destination. (Send me an email if you want the answers).

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