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Most popular conversation topics

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Here is a selection of the best topics from conversation class. Sometimes it was the topic that was interesting, other times the article was really useful in illustrating a particular grammar structure. Sometimes the writing was very good and occasionally the writing was not so good!

In any case, all of the articles offer something if you want to improve your English.

Choose the article you are interested in and discuss it with me in a lesson or, if you prefer, you can discuss it with your friends.

  • This is a great article about the fascinating television series 7-Up. Can you really tell what a person will be like as an adult by looking at the 7-year-old?

  • Usain Bolt - pay attention to the way he uses the third conditional.

  • Developing a growth mindset with Carol Dweck. Click here to watch it.

  • An article about idiomatic language in the New York Times and how challenging it can be for non-native speakers.

  • Making six huge frames for Titian's mythological paintings from the National Gallery. Click here to watch it. You can also follow art galleries on Instagram if you are interested in art.

  • NHS language use on an episode of Michael Rosen's Word of Mouth.

  • Footballer Marcus Rashford launches bookclub. Click here.

  • Handel: where to start with his music. Click here.

  • The hidden metaphors that shape our world. Click here.

  • Being male and on your phone are biggest dangers on Scottish mountains, says expert. Click here. Check out the use of non-relative clauses.

  • A steeplejack takes a break in midair – Daniel Meadows’ best photograph. Click here.

  • Any of the TED talks listed on the resources page.

Should you need any more ideas, try this page on possible conversation class topics.

If you want to improve your English it's also a good idea to start reading some of the blog posts such as the ones on grammar, useful resources and learning tips.


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