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Wednesday 9:15 conversation class

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Here is our topic for next week.

10 February - This week we'll talk about song-writing and deadlines. I came across this fascinating article by Jeff Tweedy, songwriter with the slightly tongue-in-cheek suggestion that it only takes five minutes to write a pop song. The point of his article is that deadlines are a wonderful way of making us get down to the work that we need to do. I'll be interested to see whether you agree with his analysis. No doubt, you'll ask me who Jeff Tweedy is! I'm afraid I don't know any of his music but I do like the way he writes and the ideas he puts forward. I think there is enough material in this article to last us a semester! See you all on Wednesday!

From previous weeks

3 February 2021 - Let's talk about metaphors in this lesson. Watch this short video from the BBC Ideas series to find out more about what metaphors are and why they matter. If you have time and want to do more, you can watch this second video about getting a phrase wrong.

27 January 2021 - we'll talk about film documentaries, the influence of class, growing up and much more in next week's lesson. Please read the obituary on Director, Michael Apted. He was heavily involved in the ground-breaking television series 'Up' which followed a number of British people throughout their lives, starting when they were seven years old. Can you also watch the trailer so that you get an idea about this television programme. I must admit that when I watch the series, I always end up in tears at some point.

20 January 2021 - As agreed, we'll talk about motherhood memoirs based upon this article in The Guardian written by a single parent Dad. The article is quite long but provides lots of food for thought. (I think we'll have plenty to discuss in the lesson!)

13 January 2021 - Last week we finished the class talking about Eiswein by discussing the pets we'd have if we moved to the countryside. One of you mentioned the idea of keeping chickens so this is the theme for next week. Read this article from The Guardian about rescue chickens. As usual you'll come across some new vocabulary and one or two idioms such as the pecking order which we'll talk about in class.

6 January 2021 - For our first lesson in the new year I would like you to read this heart-warming story about the production of Eiswein. It's about having the determination to do something even when the odds are stacked against you. In the article, you'll come across some lovely idioms including the 'icing on the cake' and the 'jewel in the crown' Which expression do you think is more appropriate in the context of the article?


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