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Intensive English

Welcome to the intensive English course in July. We will meet daily from 9:00am to 10:30am for a lesson and I will set you work to do at home so that you are practicing your English for 3 hours per day.

In terms of the homework I suggest the following approximate guidelines:

  • 30 minutes reading and reflecting on an article

  • 30 minutes Destination - a chapter on grammar (no need to do it all)

  • 30 minutes Destination - a chapter on vocabulary (no need to do it all)

Please do the homework mentioned before each lesson.

Here are some TED talks that you might find interesting:

In class I mentioned a podcast about having deeper conversations. The host is Russ Roberts and his guest is Charles Duhigg. Here is a link to it. There are also many other interesting podcasts to listen to. Check this page for some ideas.

Friday 26 July - Destination units 19 & 20. Please listen to the podcast featuring Charles Duhigg. (See above)

Thursday 25 July - Destination units 13 & 14. Can you also read this article about a woman's experience sailing around the world with her parents. If you have time, do a bit of research to find out what happened to her later.

Wednesday 24 July - Destination units 11 & 12. Let's talk about happiness. Watch as much as you can of this Diary of a CEO podcast featuring Mo Gawdat. You can watch it on YouTube here or listen to it on Spotify, Apple or other podcast providers. The full title is The Happiness Expert That Made 51 Million People Happier: Mo Gawdat | E101.

Tuesday 23 July (lesson at 10.30am) - Destination units 9 & 10. Read this article on Norwegian parenting styles paying attention to the choice of tenses used. (See if you can spot two examples of the present perfect continuous being used).

Monday 22 July - Destination units 7 & 8. Choose a TED talk from the list above.

Friday 19 July -  Destination units 5 & 6. Read this website page on the issue of emotional impairment. There is also a video, if you have time.

Thursday 18 July -  Your questions on Destination units 3 & 4. Read these articles - here and here - about gifted children

Wednesday 17 July -  Destination units 3 & 4. Read this policy briefing on higher education in the UK

Tuesday 16 July - No lesson

Monday 15 July - Destination units 1 & 2. Read this article on autism and ADHD in Australian schools.

Explore the website to find tips on grammar, useful resources and more.


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