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Cambridge First exam preparation course

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

This is the blog post for the intensive exam preparation course for the Cambridge First exam. It's where you will find all the information that you need about the course.

Course dates

Fridays from 16:20 - 17:20

7th January

14th January

21st January

28th January

11th March

Preparation and homework.

Final lesson (after the February holidays) - in the final lesson we'll look at exam strategy. You'll also be able to do some final revision on any of the areas that you find tricky.

Before the final lesson, you should:

  • Send me your two pieces of writing from Test 1.

  • Practice at least one full test from the course book in exam conditions.

  • Do the sample computer test on the Cambridge website.

  • Read this blog post with tips about doing the #cambridgefirst

28th January - as homework from today's lesson, I'd like you to do the Test 1 writing paper in exam conditions and send it to me by email. Remember to also read model answers in the teachers' handbook. Next week we'll look at reading and use of English again. Please do Test 1 parts 5 - 7 before the lesson. We'll talk about effective strategies and tips during the lesson.

21st January - next week we'll be practicing writing. Read about the assessment criteria on page 112 of the course book. You should also keep practising the speaking test and the reading and use of English test (parts 1 - 4).

If you have time, you can read about the second conditional here.

14th January - we'll be practicing the #readinganduseofEnglish part of the test. Please do test 1 parts 1 - 4 before next week.

7th January - please purchase the course book and bring it along to the lesson. At the first lesson we will practice the #speakingtest.

Today's homework

  • Practice a different speaking test, if possible with a friend.

  • Read about the speaking assessment criteria on page 113.

  • Watch a video showing participants doing a speaking test (see the resources page for the link).


Click here to read the blog post with exam tips for the Cambridge First or try some of the resources below.


Language learning

A good English language dictionary such as the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

A good translation tool such as Deepl

Vocabulary lists organised by level from Oxford Learner's Dictionaries


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