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What would Adi say?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Students often want to know how words and phrases are typically used. Because the English language is so vast and so widely used, I can't tell them exactly what they want to know. What I can do, is give them an idea of what I would probably say to express a particular idea.

I'm Adrienne (Adi) Hughes, an English teacher living in Zurich and the founder of Kreis 6 English. I was brought up in the beautiful north of England and lived there for more than 30years. I read an English newspaper every day and watch British television and American films and sometimes come across Australian English through podcasts and newspapers. I have friends and colleagues from South Africa, Australia, India, Canada, the USA, Ireland and the UK. In other words, I am familiar with a lot of different varieties of English but the English that I know best is British English.

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