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Updated: Oct 6

August to October 2021

27 October - at a lesson in one of my other groups we were talking about when people came up with their best ideas, is it when they are young and unconstrained by convention or when they are older and wiser? That reminded me of this fairly long interview with clinical psychologist, Richard Bentall. Please read it before our next lesson. Don't forget about our document where you can do a bit of homework and read the chats from recent lessons. Enjoy the holidays!!!

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6 October - let's talk about Swiss billionaires and the planet. Read this article before the lesson and if you have time, do some extra research about the people or themes in the article. I'll be testing your knowledge of famous philanthropists!

29 September - a slightly funny article this time, or at least I thought so. Read up about the plans to change an iconic image and how the original designer reacts. Pay attention to the language he uses and consider whether he prepared his comments in advance. At the start of the lesson, I'll do a quick revision session, asking you to present your five favourite words or phrases from recent lessons - remember to look at the copies of the chats that I send to you. (Students who've been on holiday don't need to do this - but can if they want!)

22 September this week we're going to talk about how to practice effectively. Watch the following TEDEd talk before the lesson. It's possible that some of you might have done it before but it's so interesting that it's worth watching and discussing again.

15 September - time for something musical! Read this obituary of The Rolling Stones' drummer, Charlie Watts. We'll talk about rock and roll, jazz, working with Mick Jagger and much more.

8 September - in last week's lesson we talked about Jeff Bezos' two pizza rule. Let's talk about this some more after reading this article.

1 September - this week the world of business meets the stone age. Read this article from a few years ago, `The Stone Age answer to your Desk Job'. We'll talk about the optimum size of work organisations and how offices can be better working environments.

25 August - let's start by talking about the Olympics (I know - sport again!!). Watch this video about high jumper Dick Fosbury who used his engineering know-how to develop a revolutionary and successful approach to the high jump. We'll talk about sport, the Olympics and the benefits of doing things differently.

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