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Rowing and picnicking at Trubsee

My latest excursion took me to the #Titlis region for a good friend's birthday picnic on the hottest day of the year. We might have had some relief if we had taken the gondola to the top of the Titlis but instead we hopped off at the first stop and wandered around the stunning Trubsee enjoying the abundance of wild flowers and the spectacular scenery.

The day’s highlight was our short rowing trip in which we were joined by Mona Lisa, a solo tourist from Mumbai, who asked if she could join us and jumped into the boat. We headed out with the current fairly effortlessly but once I took over the oars, everything went pear-shaped. It was impossible to go in a straight line and instead we just kept going round in circles. After handing the oars back to an expert, we were steered safely back to shore!

The easy walk around the small lake should take about an hour but after various picnic and playground stops, our group of grown-ups, kids and canines managed to extend the fun for at least three hours. I added an extra burst of exercise by taking the steeper path towards the Jochpass for a short climb to get an idea of where to go next time I visit.

As I was wandering around the lake I wondered whether the rocks forming the mountain were igneous or sedimentary. The lines running across them suggested sedimentary but it’s hard to imagine something so high up being created this way. Perhaps I need to go on a walking tour with a geologist next time.

I rounded off the day by finally dipping my feet in the lake. Somewhat bravely, I chose to do this in the inlet to the lake which comes straight from the melt water. Freezing it was not, but it certainly was very cold.

All in all a lovely day with great friends in a beautiful part of the world. Let’s hope the world stays this beautiful.

Language tip

Let’s continue with our analysis of ‘ing words. In the previous post I talked about the fairly unusual to + ‘ing verb in expressions such as ‘I’m looking forward to going…’. This time I want you to identify other examples of ‘ing words in the text and think why they have been used.

If you need any help, I suggest checking out this grammar post where all will be explained.


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