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I've lived here for 20 years...

It’s 20 years since I moved to the beautiful city of Zürich. Life has certainly changed a lot for me since 2003.

In that time I have…

  • moved to a foreign country

  • learned a new language (almost)

  • raised two kids

  • tried downhill and cross-country skiing

  • changed career from accountancy to teaching

  • taken the CELTA course

  • been employed by 6 different schools

  • set up my own language school, Kreis 6 English

  • written questions for countless pub quizzes

  • done a Master’s in Applied Linguistics at Birmingham University

  • helped hundreds of people prepare for Cambridge exams

  • got a Swiss passport

  • joined a band (playing keyboards)

  • started wearing reading glasses…

The first concert I saw in Switzerland was Simon and Garfunkel. My most recent music event was the hugely enjoyable orchestra karaoke at Theater Spektakel.

My favourite music venue is Kaufleuten and the restaurants I frequent are Sahltimbocca, Dapur and Sternen Grill.

I’m fairly sure I’ve visited all 26 cantons in Switzerland and particularly enjoy spending time in the Engadin.

I've done the Lake Zurich swim once and the Limmat swim twice.

Overall, it’s been a fantastic 20 years and I've been lucky enough to meet so many incredible people. There’s too many to mention by name so I’ll just say a big thank you to all my family, friends, students and colleagues who have made and continue to make my life so enjoyable.

Here's to the next 20 years!

Language tip

Did you notice how often I used the present perfect?

Most of this blog post uses the present perfect as that's the tense we use to connect a past event to the present. Talking about life experiences is a common use of the present perfect.

As a quick reminder, here are some present perfect sentences I used:

  • Life has changed for me

  • I have learned a new language (almost)

  • I have tried downhill and cross-country skiing

  • I have changed career from accountancy to teaching

  • I have taken the CELTA course

  • I've been lucky enough to meet...


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