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English conversation and grammar

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

My schedule for the semester starting in August 2023 is packed but I still have a few places in the group classes I offer. The groups are small, typically 3 - 5 students, meaning that everyone gets a chance to participate. Some of the courses have been running for a long time and others are new. The following courses have space for new members. C1/C2 conversation - Wednesdays 9:45 - 11.15am An inspiring and fun class for advanced learners who want to improve their grammar and become more confident when speaking. B2/C1 Business English - Wednesdays 8am Do you want to feel more confident using English at work? Join us for a business English conversation class via Zoom where we'll practise speaking skills, giving presentations, writing emails and more. B1/B2 General English - Fridays 2:20pm or Mondays at 10:45 Want to improve your grammar and vocabulary and feel more confident? Starting after the summer holidays I'll be offering an in-person general English conversation class. A2/B1 General English - Fridays 3:30pm I'm also planning a general English conversation class via Zoom for people at B1 level. We'll be working with a grammar and vocabulary book and doing lots of speaking. There'll be regular homework so that you can gain the maximum benefit from the course.

Not sure whether group classes are for you?

In my experience, lots of students enjoy the social aspect of group classes - meeting new people, learning from each other, sharing experiences and exchanging ideas.

Some people worry that there won't be enough individual attention from the teacher but because the groups are small this doesn't seem to be a problem.

Group lessons can also be a lot of fun and are typically less demanding than 1:1 lessons.


Just send me a quick email and I'll call you back to discuss the lessons offered by Kreis 6 English.


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