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Group classes

Are you thinking of joining a group class? Here are a few things you need to know:



Group classes cost less than one-to-one lessons. This means you can have more lessons for the same amount of money!

Meet other students

If you like people, then group classes could be for you. You'll be encouraged to study hard by seeing the progress you and your classmates are making. An added benefit is that you'll be able to swap tips about hobbies, favourite holiday destinations, good restaurants, enjoyable hikes and much more.

More explanations

The nice thing about group lessons is that students can explain what they've learned to the other students. This is confidence building and a great way of learning.

Build your communication skills

In a group lesson, you'll also be able to practice a variety of language skills, such as leading a conversation, making small talk, doing a presentation and joining a group chat.

Possible disadvantages

Slightly mixed levels

It's unlikely that the people in your group will be exactly the same level as you. You might have to study with someone who is slightly ahead of you or not quite as good. Luckily I have plenty of experience of teaching mixed groups and for most of my students this is not a problem at all.

Less flexibility

The group lessons are planned for a semester at a time (excluding the school holidays). Group lessons can't be rescheduled and sometimes you might have to miss a lesson. If you do miss the lesson, you still have to pay for it. However, I do send you the notes after each lesson so you will be able to catch up at home.

Trial lesson

The best way of knowing whether group lessons are for you is to try one. Contact me here to find out more about the group lesson that is right for you.


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