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English in 10 minutes a day

Everyone knows that learning a language takes time so regular practice is key to making good progress.

If possible, try to incorporate some English into your daily routine. Just 10 minutes a day can make a big difference as long as you do it regularly.

Here are 21 ideas to try

  1. Tune your radio to a British channel such as BBC Radio 4

  2. Listen to the BBC's 6-minute English

  3. Read English language novels

  4. Watch the news in English

  5. Check out the grammar blog posts on my website

  6. Find English speakers in your neighbourhood and offer to do a language exchange with them

  7. Join an English language Whatsapp group and share tips about books, films, interesting articles and more

  8. Write a diary entry about your day

  9. Buy a good course book and do 10 minutes a day

  10. Play board games in English such as Articulate for Kids, Pictionary and Dobble

  11. Follow English speakers on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook or TikTok

  12. Use language learning apps

  13. Install a good dictionary app on your phone and use it

  14. Daydream in English

  15. Sign up to learn a skill, such as sewing or photography, in English

  16. Watch YouTube videos about topics you are interested in

  17. Make videos of yourself in English

  18. Do English word games such as Wordle and Quordle

  19. Pay attention to English song lyrics

  20. Go on holiday to an English-speaking country

  21. Get an English speaking partner!!

Admittedly the last two suggestions will take more than 10 minutes a day but most of the others can be done quite quickly.

How do I stay motivated?

Write down why you want to learn English and remind yourself of this.

Choose learning activities that are enjoyable and start with them. The more you practice, the more you'll learn and your motivation will increase.

Consider scheduling some time for English practice.

Do a variety of learning activities

Sign up for English lessons with me

Where do I start?

Click on the links for my recommendations of interesting articles and brilliant books or contact me for a free 10-minute consultation about your English skills and how you can improve them.


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