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2020 Christmas quiz

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

It's time for the Christmas quiz again. A chance to do a bit of revision and have a bit of fun. You can do the quiz on your own, taking the time to research the answers or get your family and friends involved. Quizzes are a big part of English culture whether they are at a local pub, in a newspaper or on television programmes such as Pointless, The Chase, Mastermind and Who wants to be a Millionaire?

In the 2020 Christmas Quiz I’ll be asking you about English culture, Swiss geography, English grammar, pop music and more. Test your knowledge and improve your English with this quiz. Many of the questions are based on the articles and videos we discussed in conversation class, so some of my students will have a bit of a head-start!

Download the document below and have fun! The links included in the quiz are all shown below so you can click on them from this page.

Good luck and happy holidays!


PS - click here for the answers

2020 Christmas Quiz
Download PDF • 239KB

Quiz links

Round 1

Round 2

Q.1 Blinding Lights song (I’m sure everyone will recognise it)

Round 3


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