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Back in the Engadin again

I’m back in the Engadin again for the Auffahrt (Ascension) weekend. We did our usual bike ride to Sils Maria and back on Thursday and yesterday hiked towards the Morteratsch Glacier.

Today’s bike ride was probably the best though, starting with a train ride (with our bikes) to Samedan. From there we cycled to Morteratsch station partly along the mountain bike routes. This way my kind of mountain biking – mostly gentle slopes through gorgeous forests. After a picnic stop near Morteratsch we cycled back past Pontresina station and then followed signs for the Lej da Staz. The cycle path took us through forests and past the lake. We saw squirrels and a woodpecker but the absolute highlight was a deer standing in the middle of the path ahead of us. Too far away to get a photo but at least I’ve got the memory.

I love being in The Engadin as the region is so beautiful and the infrastructure for cycling and hiking is so good. It’s easy to avoid the main roads and spend time exploring the paths through fields and forests, alongside rivers and golf courses. This time the weather hasn’t been as good as previously but it’s still been lovely to be here. A few light showers haven’t dampened the fun.

Language tips

Just a simple reminder today about a particularly useful tense, the past simple. When you are talking about past events and you use past time expressions such as on Thursday or yesterday, make sure to use the past simple.

Don’t say

We have done our usual bike ride on Thursday.

Do say

We did our usual bike ride on Thursday.

PS If you something to help you remember this tip, think of the first line of the song Last Christmas by Wham. Alternatively, come along to lessons at Kreis 6 English where you can practice your English with a highly-qualified and experienced English teacher.


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