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B2 exam preparation - HF Schwyz

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

This is the blog post for the B2 exam preparation course. It's where you will find all the information that you need about the course.

Course dates

These should be agreed with the teacher in advance.

Preparation and homework.

Check out the course schedule to find your classwork and homework. There is also flexibility to adjust the plan depending upon your individual needs.

In class, we'll use the sample papers for the First exam which you can download here. We'll also use a course book such as the First Trainer by Peter May. If you need any more practice, you can look at the First for Schools papers. Remember that you should aim to get at least 60% on each question.


Click here to read the blog post with exam tips for the Cambridge First.

You can also try some of the resources below:

Language learning

  • A good English language dictionary such as the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

  • Find out how frequently words are used and read authentic sentences using Skell.

  • Listen to the way that words are pronounced using Youglish.

  • A good translation tool such as Deepl

  • Vocabulary lists organised by level from Oxford Learner's Dictionaries.

  • Text Inspector from English Profile


  • Read a newspaper in English such as The Guardian or The New York Times

  • Read English language books that you are interested in



  • Practice answering part 1 questions to the speaking test

  • Record yourself and listen back to the answers

  • Talk to your classmates in English

  • Meet up with a study buddy to practice your speaking skills

  • Watch a video of the speaking test


  • Start writing regularly, you could write a diary, start a blog or send messages and emails in English

  • You can also get feedback on your writing using the Cambridge tool Write and Improve

English grammar

  • Read the blog posts here

  • Check out other websites such as the British Council for grammar explanations and exercises

There are also blog posts on vocabulary and idioms, useful resources and much more on the website and feel free to sign up to the newsletter I send. You can sign up for it on the homepage.


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