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Improve your writing skills

There are lots of resources available if you want to improve your writing skills

Find the perfect phrase

One of the skills of good writers is the ability to describe a concept in a variety of ways. Good writers don't repeat themselves but are able to develop a theme by varying the vocabulary and the grammatical structures. This isn't always easy to do, especially for language learners. Luckily there are resources that can help you to find the perfect phrase.

If you need to do some academic writing, contribute to a business report or prepare for an IELTS exam, the Academic Phrasebank from the University of Manchester is definitely worth looking at.

Click here to find the perfect way to describe trends, write reports and much more.

A good dictionary

I always recommend that my students use a good English language dictionary. The one that I use in class is the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary. The phone app is very easy to use and the definitions are written for language learners. The app provides not only the definitions but also extra information such as a pronunciation guide, synonyms, example sentences and some typical learner errors. It's well worth the investment!

Future Learn - IELTS writing course

The Future Learn course offered by the British Council provides some brilliant advice to help students prepare for the writing part of the IELTS exam. Although the course is geared towards answering exam questions, there are lots of general tips on writing. The course is free but is only offered for a limited period of time.

Click on the link to find out more.

Check your own writing

If you want to check your writing you can try the following websites:

Text Inspector analyses your piece of writing by word level (B2, C1 and so on).

Use the Cambridge Write and Improve site if you want to get some automatic feedback.

Do you want help with your writing skills? We provide lessons and online feedback so that you can gain confidence when writing.


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