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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

English speakers like to use idioms.  These are special expressions that capture the essence of something.  Imagine that you don't like dancing, you can express this by saying;

  • I don't like dancing (literal expression)

  • Dancing isn't my cup of tea (idiomatic expression)

All languages have idioms but these often don't translate literally.  For a German speaker, someone who talks a lot might "talk like a waterfall" whereas an English speaker would say "he can talk the hind leg off a donkey".   This makes idioms difficult to learn and to use.  However, many of my students love learning about new idioms and thinking about whether their first language has a similar expression.  To help my students remember some of the idioms we've discussed in class I've made a Kahoot quiz.  Anyone can have a go at it.  Just click on the link, sign up to Kahoot (it's brilliant!) and have a go at the quiz.


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