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Have you ever hiked in the moonlight?

Me neither. I should have done one last night as part of the ‘Schweizer Wandernacht’ but instead did a hike in the cold and the rain.

We did a circular route in the Rigi region, starting at Rigi Scheidegg and taking in Hinter Dossen, Alp Gass and Rigi Unterstetten. There were views of Lake Lucerne and we should have been able to see a glorious sunset. As it was, the thick cover of rain clouds meant that at no point did we see the sun or the moon.

The hike was 9km long but would have been further if the weather had been better. As it were, we all seemed quite happy to take the shorter route and head indoors for a warm bowl of soup and some fruit punch at the end before taking the cable car back down the mountain.

Although I’ve lived in Switzerland for almost 20 years I’m still surprised by how much colder it is in the mountains. Luckily, I had a fleece, rain jacket and umbrella but still ended up fairly wet. Next time, I’ll wear some rain trousers and remember to take the waterproof cover for my rucksack.

Despite the disappointing weather, I’d still do it again. The dates for next year are out (20/21 July) so I’ll be looking for another hike or maybe I’ll do the same one again, hopefully in better weather.

Language Tip

There’s quite a lot to choose from in this one. You could look at linking words such as ‘although’ and ‘despite’ or using the contracted form of will to talk about the future. However, I’ve decided to highlight the third conditional.

Conditionals are sentences with the word if (or a similar word). The third conditional is used to talk about past situations, imaging them in a different way.

Can you spot the third conditional that I used? If not, look for the word if!


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