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February's idioms

Can you remember the idiomatic language that we've discussed in class recently? Here is a list of some of the idioms and other expressions we've talked about, together with lessons where they appeared. Sometimes they are in the original article, sometimes they just cropped up in our conversations. If you want to remember the idioms, you might have to find the original article where they appeared.

The following common expressions appeared in the two videos about metaphors that we watched:

  • A walk in the park

  • Every cloud has a silver lining

  • A scapegoat

  • Breaking the ice

These idioms cropped up in our conversations

  • I can't quite put my finger on it

  • She put me on the spot

Which idioms did we discuss in January? Click here to find out. The conversation classes can be joined at any time. Fill in the contact form on the home page if you would like to try one of the classes.


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