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Exam preparation courses

Are you thinking of signing up for an exam preparation class? In this post we'll explain how the courses work, what level you should be and why it's worth doing one of these courses with Kreis 6 English.

How the courses work

In the ten lessons, you'll be introduced to all parts of the exam, Reading and Use of English, Writing, Speaking and Listening. You will practice each part of the exam and will learn appropriate strategies to help you achieve a good result. Through self-reflection and guidance from the teacher, you'll discover the strategies that work for you.

What level should I be?

The courses focus on exam technique. At the start of the course you should have a solid knowledge of the grammar and vocabulary needed for the exam since there will only be a limited amount of time to teach these things. If you think your level might be slightly low, make sure you have enough time during or after the course to do some extra study before taking the exam. We can provide tips and book recommendations to enable you to do this effectively.

What does Kreis 6 English offer?

Our teachers have extensive experience of teaching exam preparation classes at levels B2 and above. The group sizes are kept small (maximum of 6 people) so that each student receives extensive and valuable feedback. Our teachers:

  • Provide tips and strategies for all parts of the test ✔️

  • Offer feedback on your speaking and writing ✔️

  • Make recommendations about additional resources ✔️

  • Design stimulating lessons to keep you motivated✔️

How long are the courses?

The exam preparation courses are held once a week for a period of 10 weeks, each lesson is 90minutes long. There are no lessons during Zurich school holidays (see here for the relevant dates).

I can't find a course time that suits me. What should I do?

Send us a message and we'll try to find a time that works. Courses are started when a minimum of 3 people have signed up

Recommend a friend

It's fun to learn a language with a friend. If you sign up in February and recommend a friend, both of you will benefit from a 10% discount.

How do I sign up?

Send a message using the contact form with your preferred dates to secure your place. All enquiries are non-binding until a contract has been signed. We're happy to advise you on the course that is best for you.

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