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Cycling in the Engadin

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Route 65, the 115km bicycle path, runs along the Engadin valley from Maloja in the west to Martina on the border with Austria. Much of the cycle path runs close to the river Inn but other parts rise in the forests above it and skirt the stunning lakes of the region.

One of my favourite parts is the stretch from Zuoz to Sils Maria and back. Doing a circular trip means that you don’t need to stay on the main cycle route in both directions and taking a detour on the return leg via Celerina and cycling on the road next to the Cresta Run is one of my highlights.

We were here last year for the Ascension weekend (Auffahrt) and blocked by snow couldn’t make it as far as Sils. This year, the public holiday is later in the year so all the cycle paths low down in the valley are completely clear of snow. Sunny weather meant that we also saw people swimming in the smaller lakes such as the Stazersee.

The highlight of this particular trip were the diversions around Pont Muragl. It’s quite conceivable that we went the wrong way but in any case we ended up discovering a gorgeous path through the forest up to the Stazersee. It was so lovely that we went back the following day to do a hike there.

Sometimes it’s good to abandon the best-laid plans and discover something new.

Language Tip

Quite a simple tip this time focusing on singular and plural. What did I say?

A. One of my favourite part is

B. One of my favourite parts is

C. One of my favourite part are

D. One of my favourite parts are

Think first, then read further.

The answer is B. The verb agreement ('is') matches the singular word 'one' but the word 'parts' needs to be plural as we are choosing one option from many. This structure is used very often in spoken and written language - it's easy to get it wrong but it's also quite simple to learn how to fix it!

If you want to practice this at home, write some sentences about your experiences, such as the following:

  • One of my favourite bike rides is from Zuoz to Sils.

  • Sahltimbocca is one of my favourite restuarants in Zurich.

  • Elizabeth Strout is one of my favourite authors.

  • Playing the piano is one of my hobbies.

  • It was one of the best concerts I've been to.

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