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Cycling and hiking in Switzerland

I spend quite a lot of my free time cycling or hiking in Switzerland and decided to write abut some of my favourite bike rides and hikes, here in this blog. For one thing, it helps me to practice my writing and secondly, it helps me to remember where I've been to!!

As this is the first post, it's probably worth mentioning how we plan our routes. I can't take the credit for the planning, most of the time, Peter does it!. I get quite a few tips from my students about places worth visiting and get ideas from posts on social media, especially, Instagram. is a great website if you want to plan any cycle trips - just check out the height profile before you set off! Sometimes we just turn up in a place and start exploring.

What do you do in your free time? Have you considered writing about your leisure activities in a blog? If so, here are a few quick tips about composing your blog posts:

  • Plan your writing - what is your main message?

  • Think about the reader - what does the reader want to know? Is the reader interested in your topic?

  • Try to avoid repetition. Instead of saying "have you thought about writing about....", say "have you considered writing about..."

  • Read you blog post aloud before hitting the publish button.

Would you like to become more confident when writing? Book a private lesson at Kreis 6 English and I will provide detailed feedback and tips to help you to become an accomplished writer.


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