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2023 Christmas Quiz

It's a while since I did my last Christmas quiz but I thought I would resurrect the tradition once again this year.

The best way of doing the quiz is by inviting some friends over and doing the quiz in teams. However, you can also have a go on your own. Hopefully you'll learn a bit of English and have some fun.

Here are the questions.

Kreis 6 English Christmas Quiz 2023
Download PDF • 172KB

And here are the answers (no peeking at these until you have done the quiz).

Kreis 6 English Christmas Quiz 2023 - the answers
Download PDF • 173KB

If you want some more ideas for Christmas entertainment, here is a selection of my favourite games and pastimes.

  1. Articulate for Kids

  2. Categorically Speaking (it's like Stadt, Land, Fluss)

  3. Dobble (don't forget to say the word in English)

  4. Rummikub

  5. Set

  6. Brändi Dog

  7. Codenames

  8. Trivial Pursuit (haven't played it in ages though)

  9. Scrabble

  10. The Guardian crossword

  11. Quordle word game (or Wordle)

  12. A good jigsaw puzzle - this year's features a surf board

  13. Doing a music quiz using Spotify

  14. Going for a bike ride

  15. Reading a good book

Happy Christmas!




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