Wednesday business English breakfast

Updated: Jul 20

July 2021 onwards

21 July - Let's talk about Zoom calls. Read this article which provides tips about things to do and not to do when using video conferencing.

14 July - We'll be talking about working environments and how to speak to your boss if you think your environment is dangerous! Read this article about the Apple building in California before the lesson. The article is quite difficult but don't worry - you don't need to understand it all. You can also use Deepl to help you translate it.

Previous topics

7 July - We're going to talk about making small talk in this lesson. Please watch this video before the lesson. It's quite short but has some useful tips on keeping a conversation going.

Do you want to read about some grammar topics? Click here and here for a bit of revision!

Which topic shall we discuss next? Click on this link to get some ideas about future topics or send me your own suggestions.

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