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The monthly writing challenge

Writing English is completely different to speaking English. When we write, we have time to organise and plan. We know that we shouldn't keep repeating the same words so we search for synonyms, sometimes with the help of a dictionary. We know that our writing should be well-organised so we plan it carefully. We think about what we want to say and we choose the best words to express our ideas. By pushing ourselves to write, we can expand our active vocabulary. This, in turn, has a knock-on effect on all our other language skills and helps us to become more confident overall.

Many students want to practice writing in English but don't actually do this. They know that writing would really help them to improve their language skills but they can't quite force themselves to sit down and do it. Having a deadline can be really helpful in motivating us to do something. If you want to get better at writing and would like a teacher to help motivate you, sign up to do the monthly writing challenge.

Each month you will receive four assignments from Kreis 6 English. Submit the assignments for correction and feedback about how to improve your English.

The cost is 100chf per month and the first five people to sign up in 2021 will receive a 25% discount for up to three months.

Send a message using the contact form at the base of the homepage to take advantage of this offer.


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