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Technology tips for online classes

We've all learned a lot in terms of using video conferencing but things don't always go completely smoothly. Here are a few of the tips that might help.

Video Conferencing

I mostly use Zoom now for the lessons. Here are some tips and observations.

  • If possible use a laptop so that it is easy to type messages in the chat.

  • Access Zoom via the Chrome browser

  • I've set up a series of lessons so that you don't need a new invitation for every lesson. Just make sure you use the most recent message from me to access it.

  • You can add the invitation to your calendar

  • I'll set up each meeting to start 15 minutes in advance. You can then access the meeting before the lesson starts to check that your microphones and speakers are working. If you're having any problems you can call me and we'll try to sort them out. The lesson will start at the usual time.

  • The chats in Zoom can be copied and saved to a Word document

  • Consider using an Ethernet cable to reduce lagging


Think about using the desktop version so that you can type messages more quickly. The web version is also good if you get Zoom invitations via Whatsapp.

How to copy a transcript or newspaper article

Some of the videos we watch have transcripts. You might want to copy the transcript for your personal use. Try the following:

Ctrl +A = This highlights everything including photos (A = All)

Ctrl + C = copy

Open a new worksheet in Word or something similar

Ctrl + V = paste

Delete the photos that you don't need.

Adjust line spacing to suit your personal taste (maybe use a spacing of 1.5). Watch this video from Microsoft to find out how to do this.

Ctrl + S = save

Ctrl + P = print

Saving documents

Now that we are doing so much online and using less paper you need to think about where to save your documents. I tend to have a new folder for each class and for each semester but maybe it would be enough to just have a new folder each year.

Remember to check your documents from time to time so that you revise what we've discussed in class. Think about adding your own summary to the documents that I send to you highlighting the key things you learned in the lesson and the topics that you want to practice.

What other things do you want to know about technology? Let me know and we'll try to work them out together!


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