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Tüfels Chilen

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Another weekend, another walk. This time through a stunning forest in the nearby Winterthur region.

I'm normally more of a cyclist than a hiker but November seems to be the time of year when my bike stays in the cellar. As we were driving towards Winterthur in light rain, I wished we had stayed at home. However, by the time we parked the car, the rain had stopped. We then had almost perfect conditions to do the 6km loop to Tüfels Chilen and beyond, through a gorgeous golden forest and past stunning waterfalls, such as Töss 91.

Hardly any section of the walk was flat. We climbed deep steps, shallow steps, wooden steps and metal steps, most of which were quite slippery. At least there were fewer steps than we'd encountered on our recent trip to Stoos. Eventually we reached a flat part of the walk, skirting the forest and past a field of cows. Somewhat alarmingly, the cows charged down the hill towards us, stopping only about two metres away from us behind the single-line electric fence. I'm not sure why they ran towards us so quickly. Perhaps they thought that we were going to steal their food, perhaps it was my bright pink jacket that had alarmed them.

Anyway, we waited until the cows had calmed down, then made our way past them, back through the forest, down the metal steps, past the Timotei waterfall (reminded me of the shampoo advert from years ago) and back to our starting point. All in all, a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Distance: 5.6km

Elevation gain: 156m

To find out more hikes in Switzerland, check out the Swiss Family Fun website.

Language tips

Again we're going to focus on the past perfect. Can you identify the times I used the past perfect in the above post and think about why I used it.

The past perfect is one of the trickier tenses, both to teach and to learn. Click on this post to find out more about how it is used.


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