Online business English for Caroline

Check this post to find out the course dates, course plan and homework.

We'll usually meet at 8:00am on Wednesdays via Zoom.

1 June

Read this article about Biontech. Pay attention to the tenses used in the first few paragraphs, we'll discuss them in class. Please buy a grammar book before the class. I suggest Destination C1 & C2 by Mann and Taylore Knowles or if you prefer something easier, Business Grammar Builder by Paul Emmerson is also good. Make sure you get a book which includes an answer key.

18th May

We'll discuss the video about public speaking and will practice using the passive voice.

Trial lesson - Wednesday 11th May 8:00am via Zoom

We'll practice your presentation. Before the lesson I'd like you to watch this video about public speaking.

It's also a good idea to start reading some of the blog posts such as the ones on grammar, useful resources and learning tips.

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