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Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Check this post to find out the course dates, course plan and homework. We'll usually meet at 8:00am on Wednesdays via Zoom. I've created a list of popular conversation class topics that you might be interested in. Click on the links and choose the topics you want to discuss.

  • General English - click here

  • Business English - click here

  • Possible topics - click here

I'd also like you to do some small presentations for me in the lessons. Choose a topic and prepare one or two slides (or do a presentation without slides)

No lesson - 21 June

Next lesson - 14 June

Can you listen this weekend podcast from The Guardian from 25 March. The full podcast is almost 35 minutes. I'd like you to listen to the third part starting at 21.21 on fashion for the over fifties. Alternatively, you can read the written version here. If that doesn't appeal to you, maybe read this article about how a round the world trip nearly ruined someone's life. Both topics were popular with my conversation class students.

Next lesson - 7 June

Can you do unit 50 in Emmerson before the next lesson. It's also a good idea to practice the pronunciation of the words from last lesson (see notes)

Lesson 30 - 31 May

Practising a presentation

Lesson 29 - 10 May

Try to do as much as you can in Destination up to page 51. We'll look at pages 52 - 53 in the lesson. If you have time, it would be a good idea to prepare a short presentation for me.

Lesson 28 - 3 May

Prepare a short presentation on a topic of your choice. We'll also work from Destination or Business Grammar Builder.

No lesson - 26th April

Lesson 27 - 19th April

Prepare a short presentation on a topic of your choice.

Lesson 26 - Wednesday 12th April

We learned some useful phrasal verbs such as crop up, end up, dive in and make up (the hours). Try to finish up to page 49 in the book before next week.

Lesson 25 - Wednesday 5th April

Make a start on unit 6 before the lesson. Pages 46- 47.

Lesson 24 - Wednesday 29th March

Continue with Destination and do the homework I mentioned with Skell. In the lesson we'll talk about the kitchen article you've read.

Lesson 23 - Wednesday 22nd March

Continue with Destination and read the short Tesco article before the lesson. If you have time, find a different article to read so that we can talk about it in the lesson. (See the links above).

Lesson 22 - Wednesday 15 March

We'll continue practising the future tense using Destination. I'd also like you to read this press release from Tesco which has some good examples of the 'will' future which we can discuss in class.

Lesson 21 - Wednesday 8 March

Try to do some work in Destination (pages 40 - 41) before the lesson. In the lesson we'll discuss grammar and the Adam Grant TED talk (see link below).

Lesson 20 - Wednesday 1 March

Last time we talked about fun facts. In lesson 20 I'd like to work with Destination again. Please remember to bring it to the lesson. If you would like to watch a TED talk, try this one by Adam Grant.

Lesson 19 - Wednesday 8 February

I'd like you to watch this humorous TED talk before the next lesson on procrastination. He speaks really fast so you will probably need to have the subtitles. Think about what is effective about his presentation and why.

Lesson 18 - Wednesday 25 January

Last week we had a change of plan and talked about presentations. This week we'll look at Destination - pages 40-41. Try to do some of it before the lesson. Following on from the lesson on 11 January, we'll talk about the unusual times in English when 'to' is followed by an +'ing verb. (I'm getting used to doing it, I'm looking forward to seeing you and so on.)

Lesson 17 - Wednesday 18 January

Destination - pages 40-41. Try to do some of it before the lesson. Following on from last week's lesson, we'll talk about the unusual times in English when 'to' is followed by an +'ing verb. (I'm getting used to doing it, I'm looking forward to seeing you and so on.)

Lesson 16 - Wednesday 11 January

Let's work with Destination in this lesson. Please do pages 36-37 before the lesson. If you want any articles to read check out the topics for my Wednesday conversation class.

Lesson 15 - Wednesday 13 December

Continue with Destination. If you have time, read this article about preventing memory loss or this one about bees, butterflies and bus shelters.

Lesson 14 - 30 November

Continue with Destination. We'll do a writing lesson next time. Send me some of the writing that you do at work and we can discuss it. If you want to read an article before class, choose one from the Wednesday conversation class.

Lesson 13 - Wednesday 6 November

Continue working with Destination - we will look at unit 4 in class. If you have time you can read this article about the benefits of walking in the rain.

Lesson 12 - Monday 7 November

We'll practice your presentation.

Lesson 11 - 2 November

Please do Destination - unit 3 pages 25 - 27 before the next lesson. We still have the articles to discuss on sleeping and men's groups.

Lesson 10 - 5 October

Please do Destination - unit 3 page 24 before the lesson. During the lesson we can also talk about this interesting article about men's groups or this article about the myth of the eight-hour sleep.

Lesson 9 - 21 September

We talked about sleep and your work.

14 September

Today we discussed this article about the benefits of contemplation.

Thursday 21 July 8am - lesson 7

In today's lesson we talked about giving difficult messages to people in a diplomatic way and also practised using Jamboard. After that we did some exercises on past tenses in Destination.

Our next lesson is after the summer holidays. If there is anything specific you want to talk about in the lesson you can send me an email in advance. Otherwise we can continue with Destination.

I also mentioned an article that demonstrates the use of the word 'would' to talk about past habits. You can find it on the conversation page (link here) - it is the article from 13 June about Nicola Roberts and her sister.

13 July - lesson 6

Today we talked about being the timekeeper in a meeting and the benefits of asking open questions.

In our next lesson we'll continue this these topics - thinking about online resources that can help with the brainstorming process. If we have time we can look at unit 3 Destination.

6 July - lesson 5

Today we discussed pronunciation and worked through Destination. For homework continue with Destination pages 18 - 21. Consider buying a dictionary app for your phone and listen to more authentic English focusing on pronunciation (especially when the words are similar to French words). In the next lesson we'll look at unit 3. If you have time read this article in today's Guardian which I noticed uses the word 'overhaul'.

28 June - lesson 4

Finish listening to the podcast about language on the NHS and continue working with Destination (pages 16 -19). In the next lesson we'll look at Destination. Also, try to find a programme that you enjoy watching - see the suggestions in the chat from the lesson or check out the resources page on the website.

Vocab from lesson included agreeing the scope of a project, ringfencing, setting parameters, having clear boundaries.

21 June

No lesson. Date to be confirmed for the following week. Try to read more in English. Here is an article from The Guardian about using military metaphors when talking about cancer. You can also look at the NHS website and listen to this fairly long podcast about the language used on it.

14 June - lesson 3

Continue working with Destination (units 1 and 2). Watch this video about practising effectively if you have time before the lesson.

1 June - lesson 2

Read this article about Biontech. Pay attention to the tenses used in the first few paragraphs, we'll discuss them in class. Please buy a grammar book before the class. I suggest Destination C1 & C2 by Mann and Taylore Knowles or if you prefer something easier, Business Grammar Builder by Paul Emmerson is also good. Make sure you get a book which includes an answer key.

18th May - lesson 1

We'll discuss the video about public speaking and will practice using the passive voice.

Trial lesson - Wednesday 11th May 8:00am via Zoom

We'll practice your presentation. Before the lesson I'd like you to watch this video about public speaking.

It's also a good idea to start reading some of the blog posts such as the ones on grammar, useful resources and learning tips.


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