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November book club

We had an interesting discussion about Euphoria last time, some of us loved the book, others were not as impressed. We had different ideas about what had happened at the end and conflicting opinions about who was the bread and who was the wine. The book was certainly well-researched and made me want to know more about the life of Margaret Mead, the anthropologist who inspired this piece of fiction. Here's a review from The Guardian about the book.

For our next book, we're heading to my home town, Wigan and the surrounding area for Lemn Sissay's story about being brought up in the care system. At times the book is shocking and heartbreaking but it isn't a depressing read. We'll meet on Monday 1st November at the usual time of 7.30pm to discuss the book.

Click here to find the dates for the book club and here if you want to discover some tips about learning English.

Would you like to maintain and improve your advanced English skills by taking part in the book club? Send a message via the contact form at the base of the home page if you would like to join us.


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