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New conversation classes in 2021

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

I'm looking for new students to join some new conversation classes in 2021. The Monday and Wednesday classes will continue to run These group classes are currently being done online but will move back to in-person classes when possible. I've also been asked to set up some new classes on a Tuesday or a Friday.

Online conversation class

This is ideal for people who can't come to the in-person lessons, perhaps because of work or family commitments. The classes will be held on a weekly basis and will be offered online. I am looking for intermediate students to join this class which will probably take place on a Friday morning.

In-person conversation class

I've been asked to set up a conversation class either on a Tuesday or Friday. This will be for advanced students who want to improve their confidence when speaking English and want to deepen their knowledge of English grammar.

if you are interested in joining the conversation classes, send an email to


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