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March book club

Thanks to everyone who came along to last night's book club. As usual, it was an interesting evening and I ended up doing a lot of thinking about the book after our Zoom meeting had ended. Perhaps we will still be talking about it in a year's time. For me the book was very much about Northern Ireland and not just about being stalked. Growing up in the UK, I was used to reading about Northern Ireland in the newspapers but this book gave me some insight into what it must have been like to grow up there.

I did some googling afterwards and found this review in The Guardian which mentioned many of the themes we discussed. Here are a couple more articles that you might find interesting. The first arguing that Milkman is an essential novel and the second discussing the theme of why we need difficult books.

As some of you read the book in German alongside the English version, we also talked about the role that translators play in bringing a book to a wider audience. Again a bit of googling led me to a fascinating article in The Guardian about how different people approach the task of translating a novel.

As agreed, for our next book we are heading to Australia. Please read The Weekend by Charlotte Wood. You can find out about the book in this article from The Guardian. I'm really looking forward to reading it, and might also take the opportunity to dip into Big Little Lies at the same time, another recent Australian novel.


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