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Gymi English with Hannah

Here's the post with study ideas and useful links.

Cambridge First

Download the Cambridge First exam sample paper 1. We can practise different parts of the test in class. Here is the link. We've now started working on sample paper 2, I suggest you try some of the reading and listening exercises at home.

Videos, articles and more

Find videos or articles that you are interested in and want to discuss in the English lessons. If you need some ideas, check out the resources blog pages or conversation class pages.

Other links

Read this post about learning vocabulary and consider using Quizlet or vocabulary cards.

Tips from class

Read this post about the difference between recently and lately.


Check out some of the words we discuss in the lesson by looking them up the in a good dictionary and by finding example sentences on Skell. Today's words included utterly, absolutely, fully, totally and completely.

Reading ideas

How about reading an English language book over the summer holidays? Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo is one that you might like.

Read the blog posts on my website, especially the ones about grammar, learning tips, and resources.


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